Development of "Tanagra" concept, a full solution allowing with a single robot of low use of hard, to answer to all the needs of the orthopaedics, manufacturing of soft and rigid foam for rooms from 0.1 to 2 meters. Using the full capabilities of the robot acceleration and reach the machining time shorter.

     The patent pending on this solution, protect the originality of the design and strategy tool path (utilization the amplitude and the maximum speed of robots).

     We design and develop the environment of the robot :

• mechanical parts (rotary turntable, connecting parts, measures tools,...)

• pneumatic (set pressure of the robot, cooling of the electro-broaching tool,...)

• aerolic (suction pipe)

• electronics and programming

     Development of new tools, of new electro-broaching tool, pushing the limits of the machining robot.

     Search for new materials to machine, reducing the cost of raw materials and limiting the waste environemental impact of polyurethane foam.