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The joint "PHYSIO-JOINT" is the first physiological polycentric joint rod that combines a rotation and translation, reproducing as closely as the physiology of the knee.

Two models following activity : titanium / aluminium titanium / stainless steel.

In a high rigidity, these joints are designed for mounting single amount.

Wide amplitude of movement : up to 170° of flexion.

The ball bearings systems provides stretching security and the choice of stretching abutment allows the setting (be careful do not use in the case of recurvatum).

Possibility of including in the apparetus by thermoforming or stratification, using the kit manufacturing (assembly with 4 screws diameter 5 iso). Weight 140g (titanium/stainless steel) and 100g (titanium / aluminium). Dimensions in mm : 180x54x10 stainless amounts steel 34x5. Side to be determined.


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